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Movie review: Les Infidèles

French men are said to have unfaithful tendencies. Instead of denying, Academy Award-winner Jean Dujardin (The Artist) and Gilles Lellouche prove to be very professional adulterers.

Les Infidèles is an episodic sketch consisting of 7 short films in which the actors highlight different characters who deal with adultery situations. The triumphs, failures, delights and pitiable aspects of a man’s unfaithfulness displayed with outspokenness and humor.

There is nothing specific to say about a plot, because each short story in itself contains one, it’s more about illustrating different type of men who commit (or are about to) adultery; from unscrupulous pig, to the coward, to the cunning type and everything in between.

For both leading actors the movie was a breath of fresh air. They’ve also co-directed and co-produced the project, which enabled them to channel their humor and creativity without any restriction.Their carefree play made us forget about the obvious stereotypes on the subject.

Les Infidèles
Release August 9th in the Dutch theaters

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