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Maje X Françoise Hardy

Four T-shirts and a tote will feature in the capsule collection from Maje portraying -again- a 60’s icon.

Françoise Hardy is the runner up for Brigitte Bardot who was the icon of the previous capsule collection of Maje tees.

As opposed to Brigitte, Françoise was a talented singer. She started at the sweet age of seventeen, which made her a teenage sensation. She later married popular singer/songwriter Jacques Dutronc with whom she had a son, Thomas, who’s also a musician.

Also nice to know: her song ‘Le Temps de l’Amour’ features on the soundtrack of Wes Anderson’s 2012 Cannes filmfestival opening movie ‘Moonrise Kingdom’:

If you’re either a fan of Françoise Hardy’s romantic tunes, or admire her timeless beauty, you can purchase your T-shirt starting September 10.

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