Ice ice baby!

Meet Professor Grunschnabel, the best and ‘coolest’ friend you can ever get.

We were in heaven yesterday as we were invited for the best ice cream tasting ever. Professor Grunschnabel makes the most delicious natural and vegetal ice cream you can get (and we ever had). Never tasted strawberry ice cream with a little bite (literally!), or a combination of lemon and basil, cardamom with coffee, jasmine tea with citrus or golden rennet apples with roasted almonds. We’re pretty much stuffed right now.

The secret of Professor Grunschnabel ice cream? The brand only uses water or coconut milk, fresh fruit(juices) and herbs and zero harmful ingredients. Good for nature and animals (and us too).

Not only the flavours, also the names are a few to remember:

Banana Bahiana: ripe banana with coconut milk, lime & cinnamon
Siam Horapa Coco: coconut milk, Thai horapa, galangal, lime & freshly roasted coconut
Chococolate: cocao, coconut milk, bourbon vanilla & orange juice
Reinette d’Or Amandes: golden rennet apples with roasted Valencia almonds
Framboise Extase: 24-carat raspberry with fresh orange, lime & lemon juice
Jasmine Orange Yuzu: coconut milk, orange juice, jasmine tea, Japanse Yuzu & candied bio citrus peel
Kyoto Murasaki: cranberry, cassis, raspberry, fresh citrus cloves, cinnamon, pepper & coriander seed
Madagascar Matcha: coconut milk with green tea vanilla & lime juice
Mama Mango Maracuja: mango with passion fruit, citrus & motherly love (!!)
Brasil Basil Lime: ure freshly squeezed lime juice with fragrant fresh basil
Fresas del Habanero: strawberry with hot Madame Jeanette and Habanero chilipeppers
Salmia Coco: coconut milk, licorice (gelatine free), vanilla, sweet wood
Indian Winter: freshly ginger root, coconut milk, herbs and spices
Canelle Glorieuse: topnotch Madagascar bourbon vanilla & finest Sri Lanka cinnamon
Café el Khatib: bittersweet Arabica coffee with cardamom & vanilla in coconut milk

Ben & Jerry’s: eat your heart out. We have a new favorite friend in our refrigerator…


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