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Urban Art House

The Urban Art House is a pop up exhibition with an unique blend of fashion, vintage design and urban art in an awesome industrial building somewhere in Amsterdam.

Want to enjoy art in a less formal atmosphere? Then you definitely have to visit the Urban Art House. The organizers of this down to earth artistic project transformed artistic sanctuary Roest Amsterdam in a funky art house. Here you can find a mix of pop and street art, vintage interior design and urban fashion brands. Find in here graphical art from Paco Raphael (see first image), porcelain skull and guns of Charles Krafft and industrial furniture of Kare Design. An advice: visit the exhibition of Nirit Levav full of metal dogs we wrote about last week.

You can visit the Urban Art House from Thursday to Sunday from 13.00-19.00 (Saturday till 21.00). Find more info in here See you there!

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