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Sweet dreams!

A good night sleep is essential to get through the day brisk and fit.

Unfortunately sometimes, there is no way that you will fall asleep. Most of the times it is because you have something to contemplate about. ‘What are my tasks for tomorrow?’, ‘Shit, I forgot doing this today’, ‘How will I be able to pay those bills?’, ‘I really have to visit my great-aunt again’ or ‘What can I do to get a new job as soon as possible?’ and so forth.

Tips & tricks
You probably realize you need a good night sleep, but you just can’t seem to stop your mind from rattling onwards. I never was very good at that either, I could keep worrying all night without getting my precious nap time. I started delving in to the issue, forcing myself to try out- and use certain techniques to empty my mind. Some of these techniques really worked and I still use one in particular each time my thoughts go haywire in the middle of the night.

Tense and release
Lie on your back and take some deep breaths. Tense the muscles in your toes. Hold it for a second or two and release. Now you do the same thing with your ankles. Tense… and release. Now you continue slowly, upwards to the top. Thighs, butt, hips, through to the eyebrows. Focus on every muscle in your body, even the tiniest. By tensing the muscles, you will automatically relax them better.

Of course there are more ways to fall asleep. Also there are different causes of not being able to fall asleep. If you want to find out more about this, you will find a lot of tips for a good night’s rest on this website

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Text: Danielle Meester

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