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Starbucks Discoveries


One of our basic needs to get us through the day is of course…coffee. But what if it’s too hot outside? Starbucks has developed the Starbucks Discoveries. Three different chilled coffees.

Their introduction was paired with a coffee tasting with a Starbucks coffee expert. Because coffee also has so many different types of roasting and brewings that influence the taste, and it’s nice to have more knowledge about what you’re exactly drinking.
We’ve tasted three different roastblends; a blonde Veranda blend, a medium Kenya blend, and a dark Espresso blend. Each of them associated with flavours we can recognize in food, so we had some savoury bites to go along with each type of coffee-blend.

Starting with the pain au chocolat matching the blonde Veranda roast, a lemon-poppy seed muffin to go along with the Kenya blend -which has a juicy, citrus flavour- and to finish a delicious caramel fudge crunch to enhance the taste of the espresso roast.

One thing they tought us is how to taste a coffee, and it doesn’t differ much from wine tasting. Just follow these 3 steps:

1. smell the aroma
2. slurp to add oxygen
3.locate/feel the sensation it gives on your tongue

The acidity level of the coffee is also important, because the soil it grows on influences the bean and the roasting. Note that Starbucks only uses Fairtrade coffeebeans.

And now back to the Starbucks Discoveries, the new products we came for. You will find these three different and delicious chilled coffees in the supermarket and other ‘on-the-go’ locations, as Starbucks wants to reach more people with their range of ready-to-drink products. The flavours are based on the popular Starbucks lattes: Chocolate Mocha, Seattle Latte and Caramel Macchiato.


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