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Lush Launches Emotional Brilliance

Handmade cosmetics company Lush is launching its newest collection, Emotional Brilliance, on Saturday 21 July.

The colourful line comprises of new makeup products including cream eyeshadows, lip glosses, mascara, skin tints and eyeliner. Lush hosted an event for bloggers in Amsterdam last week to get a sneak peek at the vegan-friendly line.

The Cream Eyeshadow is available in six vibrant hues, while the smudge-proof eyeliner comes in 11 shades. If you’re looking for an extra glow, try the Chrisma Skin Tint – a golden mix that gives skin a sun-kissed look.

I’m looking forward to trying the Eyes Right mascara (€14.95), which lengthens and darkens lashes while caring with vitamins and minerals. It has only one preservative (most have between four and six!) which is less irritating for your eyes. Added carnauba wax ensures it’s also smudge-proof.


Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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