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Tasty buckwheat pancakes

I am a huge fan of buckwheat flour. It is very healthy because it has high nutritional value and is high in fibers. It is also gluten-free, so it’s suitable for people with gluten intolerance. Buckwheat has a distinct nut-like taste, different from other kinds of flour. The taste is probably due to the fact that it is an herb (the plant ‘Fagopyrum exculentum’), instead of a grass species.

I tried baking bread with buckwheat but I failed miserably. It could be due to my personal baking skills (probably J ), but it might also be due to the fact that buckwheat flour isn’t suitable for baking bread, unless combined with other kinds of flour. So I usually go for the path of least resistance; baking pancakes. Buckwheat is awesome to bake tasty pancakes with. The buckwheat pancakes are healthy, easy to prepare, and I absolutely love the taste! No baking skill required: if you can make regular pancakes you’ll make buckwheat pancakes without breaking a sweat. Personally, I don’t really dose and weigh all the individual ingredients. I just check the batter, when it looks thick enough I toss it in the pan!

All you have to do is get buckwheat flour, toss in an egg and (soy) milk, et voilà. If you have a sweet tooth but don’t like the calories that come with it, you can sweeten the batter with a few drops of Stevia. Mix it until it is quite a firm batter and pour it into the hot pan with olive oil or coconut oil. Serve your beautiful pancake for instance with some raspberries and thick coconut milk. It’s delicious, looks fabulous and it’s very healthy… A triple whammy I’d say.

Enjoy your buckwheat pancake!

Text: Danielle Meester


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