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Natural ingredients + seriously moisturizing cream + cute limited-editions tins = STEAMCREAM.

There are thousands of creams on the market these days, but nothing quite like this. Not only does STEAMCREAM have a fab formula that works to nourish skin, but it’s sold in adorable aluminum tins; each features a limited-edition print (all of which are very cute). The tins are recyclable or can be re-used to store earphones, stamps, jewelery, pills or other small trinkets.

The multi-purpose cream is made using a special steam-infused process. It’s ultra hydrating and absorbs easily – there’s no oily residue – plus it can be used on hands, bodies and faces. Great deal, considering it costs just £12.95 per tin.

Ingredients include oatmeal (an anti-inflammatory), orange flower water (improves elasticity), almond oil (high in Vitamin E) and cocoa butter (softens skin with essential oils). There’s also added lavender oil (antiseptic which heal and reduce inflamed skin) and organic jojoba oil (an excellent moisturizer). Added bonus: the tin is carry-on friendly when flying, so you can throw it in your purse and use it to keep skin hydrated during flights.

STEAMCREAM is hand-made in England and is vegan-friendly.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz


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