Beauty Buy: Moroccanoil

If you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring one beauty product with you, what would it be? For me, the answer is simple: Moroccanoil.

There has been so much buzz about this wonder product over the past year, it has been hard to miss. But if you somehow haven’t heard of it, here’s the scoop: the brand made it big when it launched its first product – the Original Moroccanoil Treatment – using oil sourced from Morocco. Rich with antioxidants, fatty acids, Omega 3 and other nutrients, the serum transformed the haircare industry as women everywhere discovered its amazing powers. It speeds drying time, blends with other products and leaves hair looking utterly incredible.

Today there are a slew of nourishing Moroccanoil products available for both hair and body: shampoos and conditioners, hydrating styling cream, hair masks, frizz treatments, curl creams, hairsprays, hand cream and body soufflé.

My all-time favourite is still the Original Moroccanoil Treatment (which now also comes in a special light formula for fine hair). The formula leaves hair super soft, easy to manage and repairs dry ends instantly. On the counter side, it doesn’t weight hair down, it’s not greasy and leaves no residue. Plus, it smells amazing – as if they bottled the scent of a tropical beach blossoming with coconuts. Too good to be true? Try it for yourself!

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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  • Hey,

    De olie van moroccanoil is echt mijn lievelings haarproduct. Pas gekocht op een website Het maakt mijn haar zacht en glanzend.

    groetjses melissa

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