Beauty buy: Miessence Organic

G’day mate! Fresh from Australia, I’ve just discovered skincare-haircare-homecare line called Miessence. What makes it gush-worthy? In a nutshell, its products are totally, 100 per cent organic.

In fact, the brand was the world’s first certified organic skin care range ever made! This applies to how ingredients are grown, harvested, extracted, processed, preserved and labelled.

‘You can’t get purer than this,’ says founder Narelle Chenery. ‘They are so pure you can literally eat them!’

Products 101 from Miessence on Vimeo.

The products have no fillers, synthetics, chemicals and are 100 per cent active. As a result, they can work to restore harmony and balance in your skin and body – the natural way.

Skincare products include cleansers, exfoliators, mineral masks, skin conditioners, brighteners, moisturizers, serums and gels. There are also goodies for men (shave gel and after-shave balm). For your hair, try their delicious Desert Flower Shampoo, made with yucca juice and avocado oil.

They also have a range or probiotic and antioxidant infused superfood powders. Can’t wait to try these! And for a more eco-friendly lifestyle in general, they make organic toothpastes, deodorants, sunscreens, mouth washes, bug spray, dishwashing soap and makeup.

In total, Miessence has over 70 products available for health, home and body. Order online via

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz





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