AFW July 2012- the shortcut

A design from the winner of Lichting 2012 © Peter Stigter

The Amsterdam Fashion Week is a wrap, and even though we’ve attended just a few shows -four to be exact- let’s share what we can call our AFW shortcut.

Claes Iversen © Peter Stigter
Claes Iversen © Peter Stigter

On opening night we’ve attended the shows from Claes Iversen and Marga Weimans. Both very different but on couture-level. For Claes the essence of the collections were fragmented pieces coming together. Starting with sober outfits, built up towards floral and embellished items.

Marga Weimans © Peter Stigter
Marga Weimans © Peter Stigter

Marga Weimans had a more experimental approach with steel constructed installations in which the models came up the catwalk, literally representing the ‘fashion house’. Inspired by  urbanism and architecture her creations were significantly named ‘skyscraper dress’ or ‘park dress’. It was her first actual catwalk presentation after participating to several exhibitions and installations in Paris.

Individuals © Peter Stigter
Individuals © Peter Stigter

Next up our calendar was the show from Individuals. The AMFI label is still going strong and presented its next chapter to the Individuals storyline: ROOTS. A few terms to sum it up are earth, primal, warriors, survival, and new world. The colour palette sharing that exact vibe: primal beet, bone white, broken asphalt and desert skin. The clothes were A-symmetric, layered, oversized and combined in an unexpected mix of materials for which silk, used leather, linen and cotton were used at the base of all garments. Once again we were very impressed by this raw, edgy and yet very accomplished collection -loved the leather coats!- and hope that Individuals will keep up the good work.

Our fashionweek ended with the graduates show of Lichting 2012 on Thursday. Supported by G-Star, Lichting aims to select the best of talents the Dutch fashion academies have to offer. Winner of 2012 is Yvonne Kwok. She was selected by an international jury of influential fashion professionals such as: Margaretha van den Bosch (Creative Consultant for H&M), Orsola de Castro (Founder of Somewhere -showroom for sustainable fashion),  Marieke van Dongen (Senior Designer at Raf Simons) and Corinna Springer (Founder of Nouveau PR New York). Check the video below for an impression:

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