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A Digitalistic View: Amsterdam hotshot Edwin

Always greeting us with that amazing smile: Edwin Goudens van den Handel (age doesn’t count: “I still feel like 25”). The Amsterdam based fashion insider welcomes us in his lovely penthouse apartment in one of Amsterdam’s most popular neighborhoods: de Pijp with a stunning view on the Sarphatipark.

Edwin is well known as former fashion editor for (online magazine founded by Sonny Groo): “It was nice to be surrounded by a person with lots of positive energy and knowledge. I learned a lot from him.” After 2,5 years it was time to change perspective: together with his colleague Hinde, Edwin set up website Backstage Fashion Reports which focuses on the people behind the fashion industry by publishing backstage reports, interviews and visiting brand launches, store openings and of course the Fashion Weeks. Edwin lives in Amsterdam together with Big Love and Beagle Astor-Joost (a real hit om Instagram!).

We have subjected our dear Edwin to a Digitalistic Q&A….

TD: A penthouse in Amterdam. How did you manage to do that?
” I visited this house with my partner when it was still divided in two apartments. We thought they were to small separately, so we’ve decided to buy one apartment each and pull them together as one. The result: a penthouse in the heart of the cosy de Pijp neighborhood with an amazing view on the Sarphatipark.”

TD: Is it your first house in Amsterdam?
“No, I’ve lived in a small flat in Amsterdam before, after that I moved in with my partner in Bloemendaal, and later on we bought this house.”

TD: What did you rebuild in this apartment?
“What didn’t we rebuilt! We stripped everything until only the bare walls were left. My partner was responsible for all the technical aspects, I was concerned with the interior decoration by making mood boards. We each have our talents, and the nice thing was that we both had the creative freedom to organize our home without being stuck to a pre-defined plan.”

TD: Where do you shop for your home decoration?
Mobilia in the Utrechtsestraat (in Amsterdam). To be honest, it’s where we bought our entire home furnishing. Aside from a fantastic collection of home deco, they offer great service. I shop there so often that now they call me each time an item comes in that has my name written all over it, haha!”

TD: Tell us about your interior decoration?
“My interior is modern, yet cosy. Like our sofa from Roderick Vos (Dutch designer, TD). The design is contemporary, but because of its mixed fabric it invites you to chill on it all evening. The leather seat was designed by Gerard van den Berg (also a Dutch designer, TD), and is executed from yak leather. You can still see the scars in the skin which gives it a raw edge. The older it gets, the more beautiful it becomes. I think it’s important for people to feel at home in our house. Despite the design objects, it emanates conviviality. Your home is like your wardrobe; it reflects who you are. We travel a lot for work, so coming home is extra special. I can really enjoy it.”

TD: Where does this urge of ‘conviviality’ come from?
It was part of my upbringing. My parents always managed to make our home cosy and inviting. Each day was a sweet raid of people . It’s a quality I took over from my parents, and friends always enjoy to come over for a visit.”

Read the second part of this interview tomorrow.

Interview: Karine Bloem
Photography: © Elisah Jacobs

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