To eat: Proef

We tried an amazing dinner yesterday at ecofriendly restaurant Proef in Amsterdam.

During a lovely Zalando dinner – read more about this very soon on our website – we had the honor to try all the food on the menu (and it was a lot!). At Proef it’s all about ‘sharing is caring’, so we shared every plate – served on vintage China, including fresh, mostly local, organic products of the season – together.

You can choose between a three course fish, meat or vegetarian menu, but we recommend to try them all (so make sure you’ll invite at least two friends). Our favorites: the chicken caesar salad (heavenly!), the bruschetta with chicken liver,  the pumpkin salad with beetroot, the baked mackerel, a stew of cockle, mussels and baby potatoes and of course the incredible dessert including lemon cake served with lemon icecream and rhubarb. We even adored the way coffee and tea were served: in jars!

We’ll definitely come back soon. Book your table in here


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