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Stevia: the new sugar

Zero calories, and good for your health!

I have tried a lot of different sugar substitutes in the last couple of years. Not only because beet sugar contains a lot of calories, which obviously isn’t good for your, let’s say, figure, but also because sugar makes me grumpy.

There are a lot of additives you can use to replace sugar. Of course you could just choose not to eat sugar or another sweetener at all, but well, I love the taste of something sweet. So I’ve been using aspartame, honey, fructose and raw cane sugar, for example. Some of the substitutes are bad for your health, like aspartame. Some aren’t bad, but still have a lot of calories. But now, finally, there is this other nutrient, called Stevia. This is a plant, which originally grows in Paraguay. I know I say ‘finally’, but this doesn’t  mean that it is really something new. Actually Stevia has been used by the Guarani Indians for over 1500 years, to sweeten their herb tea and foods.

I think it’s is amazing for several reasons. First of all, it is a zero calorie sweetener. Secondly, it isn’t bad for your health; in fact it is very good! And not just good, Stevia regulates your blood glucose, fights Candida, restores intestinal flora, is weight-regulating because it fights hunger (!) and much more. So it’s not only a great replacer of the unhealthy types of sweeteners, it also really makes you healthier. Even for diabetics it is healthy. Then why isn’t Stevia a more common sweetener? It has only been allowed since November 2011. It wasn’t registered as a nutrient in the EU, which meant that up to that moment there was no proof that it was a harmless nutrient.

But now, you will find it in almost every health food store, in different forms. You can buy the dried leaves, as a liquid or in powder form. In your tea or coffee, oat meal, homemade pies or cookies et cetera. It’s good for your health, zero calories, and SWEET! Find more info in here

Text: Danielle Meester

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  1. Hugo Belfiore juli 5, 2013

    Stevia is a plant that contains natural sweeteners that are used in foods. Researchers have also evaluated the effect of chemicals in stevia on blood pressure and blood sugar levels. However, research results have been mixed.-..^-

    Have a nice day

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