Dior Summer 2012

Get ready to glow! Dior’s new summer collection launched this week in the Netherlands and it’s chock full of bronzy, beach-friendly hues that will have you itching for a trip to Saint Tropez.

Oozing with all the colours seen on a Mediterranean beach – from bright blue bikinis to the raspberry pinks of a sunset – the collection boasts irresistible items.

My favourite product is the Nude Glow Sun Powder (about €50), which gives my skin a healthy glow without looking dirty – a must-have after our rainy spring season. After topping my eyes with shades from the 5 Couleurs Croisette Edition Aurora (about €57), I look like I’ve just returned from a relaxing beach getaway. The eyeshadow mix features two orange-bronzes, a light pink, creamy tan and sparkly chocolate for the crease.

Nail polishes range from Acapulco (lemon yellow) and Calypso (show-stopping red) to Cosmo (pink watermelon). My personal favourite is Lagoon, a blueberry-turquoise that reminds me of Capri’s famous grottos.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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