Beauty Buy: Oolaboo

Fresh from Holland! Oolaboo is a new Netherlands-based brand specializing in both outer and inner care with its skincare products and ‘nutriceuticals’ (vitamins and supplements) for overall beauty.

Did you know 70 per cent of your skin condition is determined from the inside, and only 30 per cent from external care? Washes and creams, no matter how fancy or expensive, can only target the uppermost layer of epidermis (the skin you can see and touch). The dermis below contains cells responsible for hydration, elasticity, firmness and collagen synthesis – this is best targeted from within.

Oolaboo’s laboratory research has led to developing supplements that target metabolic functions, affecting not only the appearance of skin but your overall health, too. Specific nutrients work synergistically to support skin at a cellular level. The result? Healthy, younger-looking, more radiant skin.

Oolaboo’s other half – its skincare products – are dermatologically-tested with active, natural ingredients. I’ve tried the Beauty Sleep Face Cream and love its super rich, creamy texture. Ingredients like manuka honey, avocado, apricot, tomato extract and shea butter will repair skin while you sleep for a refreshed, renewed look in the morning.

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Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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