Must-Go: Tong Tong Fair

The yearly Eurasian fair held in The Hague is definitely on Digi E’s to do list for this long weekend. To celebrate her Asian roots, enjoy a lovely day with her family, learn more about her background and – of course – to try all the delicious recipes!

No money to travel all the way to South East Asia? Just go visit the Tong Tong Fair which offers a stimulating blend of cultural festivals, expositions (this year it’s all about batik, a fabric dying method using wax to create patterns and designs) and food fests held in an archipelago of tents and stands where east meets west.

Best of both worlds
Tong Tong Fair
is here to inspire you with the Eurasian culture and is very interesting for Eurasian and non-Eurasian people. It offers music and dance in several theaters, lectures and theatrical performances and all kinds of workshops in music, art, cooking and dance. And you can shop till you drop at the Grand Pasar! Last time Digi E’s dad bought a huge Buddha.

Perfect for a lovely day out. Don’t forget to spend hours in the famous Food Court. Try a delicious ‘nasi rames’, ‘rendang djengko’ from Jakarta or Digi E’s favorite drink: ‘Tjendol’ (coconut milk with caster sugar syrup and tjendol: green jelly). We know you won’t regret it…

Visit TTF until 28th of May. Find more info (also in English) in here


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