Backstage Video: Miranda Kerr x Reebok

Did you know that 7 from the 10 European women feels great while being physically active?

We love sport! Digi E. is the female version of Bruce Lee (she has black belt kung fu) and Digi K. stays in shape while biking every day (and she’s half French, so she’ll probably stay ‘petite’ for the rest of her life). Having problems with your figure? Just because those pounds won’t come of that easily? Reebok’s EasyTone sneaker promises – with the help of ‘I-got-a-figure-to-die-for’ Miranda Kerr – to loose centimeters in just a few weeks.

Due to a Moving Air Technology™ Reebok’s EasyTone sneaker transfers in every step air into micro instability while running. The result: the ground feels less flat so you have to keep your balance. And while doing this you work out your legs, belly and butt and look a little less like the Fat Lady from Harry Potter and a little bit more like Miranda.

3D version

Satisfaction Campaign
What makes you happy? Together with Eva Mendes and Helena Christensen Reebok asked more than 3000 women in Europa about their satisfaction levels.

– Going out with friends (74%)
– A great sex life (65%)
– Health (75%)
– Physical shape (71%)
– A clean house (65%)
– Music (58%)
– Flowers (59%)
– Jewelry (39%)
– Going out (27%)

What do women think of their own body:
– A healthy body (66%)
– Prefer a smaller butt (80%) than a bigger one (20%)
– Prefer a flat belly (64%) than bigger breasts (32%)

What would they love to do to stay in shape:
– Walking (19%)
– Swimming (17%)
– Dancing (11%)
– Running (7%)

Conclusion of what makes women happy: the little things in life. We like that!

NOTE: do you have 3D glasses at home? Yes?!? Scroll down to the last image in the slideshow and watch…

© Photography: Rankin for Reebok

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