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Digitalistic Style: Sanne

See-through mixed with fluo pink.

“I like transparency in my outfit and thought it was a great idea to layer my outfits in this way.”

About Sanne
Just graduated at AMFI (the Amsterdam Fashion Institute; well known fashion college in Amsterdam) she’s ready to take over fashion land. Her sense of fashion and style means everything for her, and it goes all naturally. Sanne’s style can be described as hip hop meets ladylike and vintage meets rock chick. Big influences for her are the people on the street, on tv, in different magazines and – ofcourse – online. “I think anybody can be inspiring for me. Like a trendy person walking down the Nine Streets in Amsterdam, or just a grandma behind her walker mobile wearing an amazing piece of vintage. I love vintage and visiting flea markets and vintage shops (national and international) mostly outside the big city. Because in there you’ll find the most gorgeous treasures….

What’s she wearing?
Shirt: H&M
Dress as skirt: H&M
Shoes: Monki

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Images © Elisah Jacobs

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