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Digitalistic Style: Fred N

Contemporary chic mixed with 90’s influences and a hard core inspired jacket.

About Fred N
“Working as a Hairstylist/Make-up artist, and like anyone else, searching for an identity. A subject I reflect in mixing feminine pieces with the testosterone ones. I’m loving a tight pair of jeggings mixed with an over-sized man-coat. I like playing with proportion in my outfits. Keeping it minimalistic with just one twist in it. It’s my belief that all good things come from Paris (Fashion Week, TD). The most talented designers in my opinion are Rick Owens, Isabel Marant and Ricardo Tisci. I have a thing for H&M and Zara, and online stores like Net-a-Porter, Oki-ni, and many more. Fashion is the greatest thing there is, but also a tricky and challenging one. The only relationship I can’t get enough of….”

What’s he wearing?
Shirt: MbyM
Jacket: Zipper
Jeans: Zara
Keycord: Suus
Boots: Marsell

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Images © Elisah Jacobs

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