Digitalistic Movie: Puss in Boat

No, it’s not a language error: we don’t mean ‘Puss in boots’ but puss in a boat!

The only floating animal shelter in Amsterdam (maybe in the world) has a special place in Digi E’s heart. Her beautiful cat – a.k.a Mrs. Big, Black & Beautiful, because she weighs seven kilos – comes from this lovely Cat Boat which you can find in the canals near Central Station.

This animal shelter – established in 1966 by a lady called Van Weelde – is not just an ordinary animal shelter. No, it’s famous in our country (tourists can even find it in every book about Amsterdam). Well known Dutch people such as writer Annie M.G. Schmidt and Major Bosshardt (former officer in The Salvation Army) were huge fans of the Poezenboot (the Dutch name).

To raise money for the Cat Boat you can reserve tickets for the Poezenavond May 9, where you can watch the funniest online cat video’s ever, presented at cinema De Uitkijk, Prinsengracht. Note: May 9 is already sold out, but you can still reserve tickets for Thursday May 10 in here.

See you there? Find more info about the Cat Boat in here


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