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Tyson Beckford on modelling in the 90’s

Tyson with other 90's topmodel Naomi Campbell

Modelling in the 90’s was certainly more fun. Linda Evangelista’s famous words, saying that she wouldn’t get out of bed for less than $10.000 a day made the daily rates go through te roof at the time. Even for the male models. Male model Tyson Beckford looks back on these times and says:

“The fashion industry was so different back then. I guess it was all so new and so extravagant. The budgets were enormous; it was certainly a lot more fun. The parties were out of control and because no one had a camera phone and there was no Facebook or Twitter, you could do whatever you wanted with whoever you wanted.”

Is that the reason why he switched careers from modelling to acting? He can still do whatever he wants with whoever he wants on screen. Aight.

(source: Fashionologie)

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