Meow! How to get the ‘cat eye’

Few makeup styles are sexier than a classic cat eye. Whether you like thick glossy application or long wings that fan outwards from your eyes, the look is easier to achieve than you might think. Celebs fans have ranged from Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot to Kate Moss and Angelina Jolie in more recent times – there’s no reason you jump on board the bandwagon too!
First apply a good layer of foundation across your face and eyelids (try Benefit’s new Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow, an oil-free brightening liquid foundation). If you’d like to wear eyeshadow then apply it before the liner; I personally prefer to keep lids natural so the liner can really stand out!

My liner du jour is Benefit’s BAD gal waterproof liner, which is smudge-proof and won’t smear through the day. Start by thinly tracing your upper eyelid, following the contour of your lash line. Remember, it’s easy to add and thicken but tricky to remove afterwards, so start slow and light. At the corners, extend the pencil upwards to a thin point, creating a ‘wing.’ Once you have the correct shape, you can darken the intensity or thickness of the liner.

If you’re new to cat eyes, apply in front of a mirror where you can rest your elbow on a flat surface to keep you hand steady. Make sure you have some Q-tips and makeup remover handy – this is especially crucial for getting the perfect tip at the end of the wing. If a smokier look is what you’re after, use the sponge blending tip (included at the end of the eyeliner stick) to gently smudge the liner.

Finally, top with layers of thickening, lengthening mascara. To match my liner, I opt for the best-selling BAD gal lash which delivers bodacious black lashes!

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz





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