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Bubbles & bites

Oh how life as an editor can be hard…. Just kidding! Having a champagne tasting on a Monday evening is part of the job, and we would lie if we said we didn’t enjoy it. The eldest of champagne houses –Piper Heidsieck– invited us at new opened restaurant ‘Everything On a Stick‘ to have bites to match the different bubbles they have to offer.

We started with the Rare Vintage cuvée 2002 as an ‘apéritif’ (like the French say) which was followed by a fresh and tingling Piper Heidsieck cuvée brut to go with the starter, a coquille. Then we had chicken accompanied with a Rare Vintage 2004. The deep pink rosé Sauvage matched perfectly with lamb screwed on fresh branch of rosemary, and we finished with a sweeter Piper Heidsieck demi-sec for dessert; a delicious vanilla macaroon on lemon zest.

During the tasting, International House Communications Director Christian Holthausen, told us interesting facts and entertaining stories about champagne and the house of Piper Heidsieck. If Marylin Monroe drank this when she woke up, it must be good champagne, right?

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