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Unleash your inner designer: Unitedstyles

Ever wondered if you have the talent to become a designer? Or simply wish you could design your own wardrobe because you can’t find exactly what you like? We just might have found the perfect solution for you…We proudly present: Unitedstyles.

This brand new website -it was just launched a few months ago- gives you the opportunity to take a seat on the designer’s chair. This brilliant idea popped into the heads of some Dutch entrepreneurs based in China. One of the founders, Xander Slager, explains why he thinks this concept of ‘consumers becoming designers’ should work:”Products are all defined beforehand, stores buy in quantities, but it remains a challenge if they actually sell, or get stuck with a surplus. So why not turn that process around? It’s from push to pull. With Unitedstyles we’re democratizing fashion.”

Prices start at € 59,95, which is very affordable for something you can put your creative freedom into, and which is made in the most sustainable way possible. Because each design is produced as an individual piece, there is no waste of dye, water or fabric.

How does it work? Well, quite easy. You go to the website, choose a silhouette, neckline, trim, sleeves, fabric, color, and print. Check if your design deserves your approval in a 3D preview, if yes, click ‘BUY’ and you’re done! (or watch the video below if you’re a more visual kind of person):

For now, the site mainly proposes tops and dresses, but in the future Unitedstyles aims to have people start their own little online shops where they can design a complete collection within the Unitedstyles-application. Before that, the company takes well-thought steps ahead, and will focus on expanding to children- and menswear.

We will design our own Digitalistas-dress very soon, and you’ll be able to win it! Keep checking the site…

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