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Laid back layering

© Antonio Granata

A glance in my closet shows I am collecting knitwear at the moment. The last times I went shopping I came back with at least one jumper or cardigan. This black knitted jumper is a bit older, but it’s also a good item for layering (remember my previous outfit?).

My Zara linen T-shirt -of which I have quite a few, love those tees!- pops out from underneath the slightly A-symmetrical black jumper from River Island.

© Antonio Granata
© Antonio Granata


©Antonio Granata

Black knitted jumper: River Island (winter)
White linen T-shirt: Zara
Necklace: Rika
Bracelet: Noosa
Grey washed jeans: Nudie Jeans
Vintage-look boxy bag: River Island (winter)
Shoes: Office UK

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