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Go and get it: LINDA.MODE


In the US they have Oprah, we have LINDA. The most popular woman of Dutch television, who also has her own magazine. And a very popular one.

The cover of the fashion issue is inspired on an other old cover from Vogue. Made by David Bailey for the June issue of 1962. It featured Jean Shrimpton -which was her first cover.

LINDA.MODE offers quite the remake! Check the resemblance:

The original Vogue cover of 1962


More to find in the LINDA.MODE are interviews with other interesting Dutch women such as Renate Verbaan and Hedy d’Ancona, and editorials on dressing room- and red carpet stress. Ofcourse this wouldn’t be the fashion issue if it wasn’t filled with lots of new season trends, including the one which inspired the cover: flowers. And isn’t that one of the things Holland is famous for?

Get your copy of LINDA.MODE available from today!

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