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Beauty Buy: Dior Prestige

Dior has launched its ‘most precious’ skincare system to date. The Dior Prestige line is a system of anti-ageing products that will pamper your skin with a unique ingredient: Rose Satine.

The flower grew in Christian Dior’s childhood garden in Normandy, France. The fragrant roses left a mark in his memory, symbolic of a blossoming woman who conquered fashion. (Take a closer look at Dior’s fashion and you’ll see he used roses repeatedly in his designs).

For years, Dior laboratories analyzed the flower’s petal and have now derived the Rose Satine Nectar. The majestic elixir is packed with nutrients to repair delicate and tired skin. Not only does it smell divine, but its satiny texture will leave skin looking firmer, more radiant and young. Its restorative action will work to deeply restructure and repair signs of aging.

The Dior Prestige line includes four products that will rejuvenate skin with their luxurious ingredients. The Satin Revitalizing Nectar is a serum that deeply nourishes, while the Satin Revitalizing Eye Cream will work to penetrate the skin around your eyes to combat winkles and darkness. My personal favourite is the Satin Revitalizing Firming Mask, which contours and sculpts the face to lift tired skin; finally, the Satin Revitalizing Cream will give your skin all-day moisture and radiance.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz




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