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Digitalistic diary: week 10-11


The Bowlingqueens! (actually Digi K sucks at bowling...)

Step into the fast and fabulous life of The Digitalistas.

Our latest adventures include a lunch with beauty contributor Lydia, Digi K was in Paris for a day for a meeting and had lunch the French way, shoe-brand Invito celebrated its 25th anniversary for which we went disco-bowling, visited the River Island Summer show (other article), we could finally have a drink outside thanks to a sunny day, and had a peek at the 10 pieces collection was launched at the Bijenkorf…


Big, big club sandwich at lunch with Lydia
Restaurant La Bibliothèque in Paris (part of the Costes-group)
Delicious cheesecake dessert...Digi K couldn't resist.
Ready for some action on the bowling alley!
Freelance journalist and friend E. is also ready to rumble
Team Orange! Should be a lucky color
Typical Dutch snacks
No, these are not melons, but bowling balls
And Digi E was the striker
View from the top floor where the River Island collection was presented
First tea outside! It's Spring!
K with friend, neighbour and very talented writer N on a terrasse
10 pieces at the Bijenkorf
Where they served alcohol-free mojitos. Yummm!
K and fashion-colleague Tess
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