Bring back the beauty in your case

Spring is in the air! Time for a big spring cleaning in your beauty case. Throw away the old make-up and skincare and replace them with some new, innovating and ‘green’ products.

Last Thursday we went to Beauty Brand United (BBU) in Loods 6, Amsterdam. Almost 30 new and well-known (inter)national beauty brands presented their newest collection to the press. Some brands showed us that luxury and organic go very well together.
An obvious trend in beauty products is sustainability and vegetal ingredients. It was all presented in a cosy ambiance, and we pampered ourselves with freshly made drinks & bites while testing several skin creams, healthy teas, gorgeous make-up and funky nail polish.

Healthy tea for smooth skin
What do you think of a cup of tea which gives you a antioxidant boost inside and outside? Antioxidants have an anti-aging effect on our skin. And very important: they promote health! Thea forte is a brand with extraordinary teas. We tried a cup of cherry marzipan – green tea for corrective repair from the skin. It has a fine and lovely taste and made us curious for more. Tea forte has five different kinds of teas with each their own function for a beautiful skin.

Digi E. and Martine

OPI Gel Color
Another stand wich caught our attention was OPI. OPI now has GelColor in their range. GelColor is a nail-polish which stays on your nails without bursts for or at least two weeks! Goodbye peel off nails, let’s introduce the elegant hands. Definitely on our wishlist for next season.

Retro soap
We also spotted Claus Porto a cute soap brand with soaps with different smells in a vintage packaging. Perfect to spice up your toilet or bathroom. It’s also suitable for a gift.

Text: Martine Olthof


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