Billion Dollar Brows

Eyebrows are often considered to be the most neglected parts of a beauty regime. Do you respect and pamper your brows on a regular basis?

Here’s where a California-based company can help you out: Billion Dollar Brows is the only beauty brand that’s fully devoted to brow maintenance and care. Married entrepreneurs Natalie and Bob Plain founded the company with the goal of helping customers worldwide get great brows for a small price. Their mission is simple: to stop ‘eyebrow neglect’ and help people realize that ‘beautiful brows are a right, not a privilege.’

Billion Dollar Brows’ products include pencils, gels and powders. What should you choose? Start with the Brow Buddy Kit, which includes a special measuring tool that will help you know exactly where you should (and shouldn’t) tweeze. Simply hold the plastic device to your face and mark your guidelines with a white pencil.

Another star product is Brow Boost, which helps to condition and strengthen brows that have been over-plucked, waxed or don’t grow in thickly. If your brows are already full, try the Universal Brow Pencil or the Brow Powder, which will give them a perfectly sheen, polished finish. ­Click here to see before and after images.

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Beverly Hills, Billion Dollar Brows also has  salons where you can have your brows shaped by professional brow artists. Products are also sold at spas across the US, plus an online store.

Their products have been featured in Vanity Fair, Lucky, InStyle, Cosmopolitan and Elle (to name a few), plus have a number of celeb followers including Lauren Conrad, Paula Abdul and Kristin Chenoweth.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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