Beauty Buy: Payot Élixir

With roots dating back to 1927, Payot is a French skincare brand that is based on high-quality products and a ‘42 Movement Facial Protocol.’

The system, invented by Payot’s founder, Dr. Nadia Payot, is based on a series of sculpting massages, combined with exclusive active ingredients. Sort of like a workout for your face, the concept works to tone and strengthen muscles to avoid sagging.

My must-have product from the brand can be used on face, body and even in hair! Payot Élixir is an oil that can be sprayed all over your body to nourish and soften skin. Apply to your palms and rub over your face (mixed with a bit of moisturizer at nighttime), or even spray it in your hair overnight to leave locks looking fresh and super healthy by morning.

With ingredients like myrrh, amyris extract, almond and hazelnut, it smells like a natural musky perfume and will leave skin feeling super moisturized. It’s especially great to use after sun exposure to rehydrate.

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz



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