Relax with the rich & famous

Catalina Island

Step into the most luxurious getaways worldwide for the rich and famous.

Want to bump into Jay Z and Beyoncé, Kate and William, Angie and Brad, The Kardashians or Oprah during your holiday? Try these fabulous places, only for the lucky ones…

1. Catalina Island, South California
This was the most favorite place of Charlie Chaplin, and many other big names in the world of cinema. There’s the Santa Catalina Film Festival every year. Enjoy the hospitable people, the aque blue sea, the amazing view, the tropical weather and many activities such as scuba diving and sea surfing.

Mustique Island


Turtle Island


St. Barth's Island
Anguilla Island

2. Mustique Island, Caribbean
Not that hard to get a glimpse of Kate Middleton and her family. She recently booked a stay over in the Aurora Villa for almost 23.000 dollars. Get yourself a treatment in the exotic spa and enjoy horse riding on the beach.

3. Turtle Island, Fiji
This place is the perfect getaway for a honeymoon, and also known for its appearance in the movie Blue Lagoon. Some things to do: horse riding at dawn, a French Champagne picnic and Fijian massages. Favorite hotspot for Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears.

4. St. Barth’s Island, Caribbean
Not that hard to relax here. Book an exotic spa treatment or do something active like sailing and water skiing. There’s also great (and rare) flora and fauna to see. Some stars you may bump into here are: Matt Damon, Simon Cowell and Tamara Mellon.

5. Anguilla Island, Caribbean
No high-end hotels, but small private resorts to keep the ambiance as tranquil as possible. Enjoy the local and international dishes and the cultural parade. Your neighbours might just be Beyoncé and Jay Z!



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