Not just pizza…

Whole wheat sandwiches with different toppings

Initially they started with a pizza & prosecco concept on the Haarlemmerdijk, but de Pizzabakkers (translated: the pizza bakers), also own a Paninoteca in the Plantage neighbourhood in Amsterdam (near the Artis zoo). Besides the delicious pizza, they also offer the possibility to have a good and tasty lunch.

And a healthy and consistent lunch was exactly what I needed when I took the bike in the freezing cold for a tasting at the Pizzabakkers Paninoteca.

The smell of fresh basil...

While warming up with a cup of tea I got to taste whole wheat sandwiches with different toppings -farmer’s cheese with cucumber and basil mayonaise, spinata calabrese and magor (spicy!), and the  PLTC (pancetta instead of bacon) and some lentil soup on the side. But also the specially made Pane Pizza panini from the Niemeyer-bakery with buffalo mozarella & pesto and some salads -grilled vegetables, green and ceasar- to complete the lunch.

Ofcourse that’s just a selection of the servings, just go and taste the rest yourself! Buon apetito!

Note: de Pizzabakkers are opening in Haarlem soon.

Photography: © The Digitalistas

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