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Food is like fashion

Or fashion is like food. Finding a website where both our biggest passions are the main ingredients, is not that easy to find.

Especially in the creative way Taste of Runway proposes the matter. Be honest, would you imagine Marni in polenta with squid? Chanel in red wine glazed beef ribs? Neither would we. But thanks to the help and great imagination of Miranda -an in Italy-based lady that remains a bit mysterious about her identity- we can now even MAKE the lovely recipes inspired by Céline (beet soup with goat cheese), or Hermès (crème caramel).

The concept works like this: runway pictures alongside food that is inspired by that specific designer creation. Not only does Miranda give you her elaborate opinion about the selected designs, you will also find the complete recipe by clicking on the red dot below the text. How great is that!

Thanks Monique from ‘delicious’ culinary website to make us dicover this fashionable and tasty gem.

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