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What is your most stylish check-in?

Nikki Beach Miami, W retreat at Koh Samui, The Ice Hotel in Sweden…some very stylish places to check in one day…

To launch the new musthave LG Prada 3.0 smartphone, the brand has created a Facebookpage where people can vote for the most stylish check-in in the world. A longlist includes 40 of the most stylish bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels worldwide. If you would like to win a stay at your most stylish check-in, then keep reading…

For the Netherlands, LG selected a jury that consists of people who relate to stylish hotspots due to their profession: photographer Carli Hermès, actress/presenter Lieke van Lexmond, and owner of the most stylish spots in Amsterdam, Caspar Reinders, to decide for the final most stylish check-in, which will be revealed at the launch of the LG Prada on February 1st. Ofcourse they need your help to come to that final decision…This is how it works:

• Go to
• Check in to your most stylish spot on the longlist (until January 27th)
• With your vote you get a chance to win the LG Prada smartphone….
• …After the launch on February 1st the campaign continues, and a shortlist of 20 most stylish check-in’s will be created and published on the Facebookpage. If you vote again on your most stylish check-in the shortlist you can win a stay at that specific hotspot!

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