Top 5 Dry Shampoos

Top 5 Dry Shampoos

Did you know that washing your hair every day can actually be harmful? Lathering your locks can eliminate naturals oils produced by your scalp that are nourishing and healthy. Skipping a wash can also help maintain hair colour, plus it’s more eco-friendly.

Fear not – we won’t suggest you hit the town with greasy-looking hair. Instead, opt for a dry shampoo. Here are our top five:

1) Principessa Bianco Breeze Dry Shampoo
Infused with vitamin E, aloe, chamomile and calendula, plus it’s talc-free!

2) Frédéric Fekkai Au Nautrel Dry Shampoo
A 95 per cent natural formula neutralizes odour and absorbs excess oil.

3) Schwarzkopf Osis Dust It Mattifying Powder
Cleansing and volumizing – what’s not to love?

4) Ojon Full Detox Rub-Out Dry Cleansing Powder
Clinically proven to reduce excess oils by 78 per cent in one application.

5) Bumble & Bumble Hair Powders
Available in special formulas for white, black, brown and blonde hair.

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