Digitalistic living: Inès de la Fressange

Step into the fashion icon’s home in Tarascon in France where you’ll find a mix of design and with flea market/eBay founds, and antiques with vintage pieces. This gorgeous house designed by architect Marcelo Joulia reflects a industrial chic space.

“For me, decor has a great deal in common with fashion. You have to have several basics, just as in a wardrobe—furniture that resists passing trends. Then you add accessories—a vase, a rug—that play the role of a belt around a dress or a sweater.” Source: Elle Decoration, France.

We see great whitewashed walls, a touch of red in the bedroom and kitchen, a sunny terrace for Summer barbecues and a bed in the middle of the living room. It was meant for the bedroom but Ines couldn’t get it upstairs. But hey, she created a day bed for lounging in the living room. See some of her interior below.

Images by Marie-Pierre Morel for Elle Decoration France

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