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Digitalistic inspirators: Herb Ritts

Famous photograph by Herb Ritts: Naomi Campbell as a Dolce&Gabbana pin-up girl

If one would ask me (Digi K) which photographers I admire, then Herb Ritts would definitely be high up in my top 10. “He set the tone for more than two decades of fashion, celebrity and art photography.” as mentioned on Nowness. The website published -what they say to be ‘unreavealed’- pictures of the late Ritts. Surprisingly enough I already knew the photograph of an Amazonian Cindy Crawford

An Amazonian Cindy Crawford © Herb Ritts

Not that I can exactly recall where I saw it before. That’s not of much importance though, but I felt like sharing more of his work I admire. Ritts was also an execellent video director and directed several of my favourite music videos. How magically beautiful did he make Helena Christensen look in boy’s knickers in Chris Isaak’s video ‘Wicked Game’?

His sculptural way of using lighting in his black & white pictures has -in my opinion- not been equaled by other photographers yet. Like Ivan Shaw, Photography Director at American Vogue, says: “I think he had an extraordinary sense of classicism that you don’t often see. At the same time he brought a modernity to it.”

There’s an upcoming exhibition at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles and the release of a new book planned.

Some of his best videos:

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