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Digitalistic hotelroom: DO KNIT DISTURB


Since knitting has become trendy again, it pops up in every ‘unexpected’ corner. Like guys knitting balls for the Christmas tree, or a knitted hotelroom. We hear you think: “How is that possible?” Okay, not the hotelroom itself, but most of what’s featured in it. The phone, the lamp, the curtainholder, the breakfast…

Besides the suitable name of the room -DO KNIT DISTURB-  the designer of the hotelroom in Hotel Pelirocco also has an interesting name: Kate Cardigan.

Not just for the knitwits ;-)

The (single) room costs £ 59 from mon-thurs
and £ 75 on fri-sat, Bank holidays and Valentine.

You can find Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton, seafront on Regency Square.

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