Digitalistic Diary: Week 1

Happy new year!

Step into the fast and fabulous life of The Digitalistas through the lens of Digi E and Digi K. Find it every Friday on our blog. Fun!

Cute envelopes Digi K found in an old diary. Let's recycle and put them in a frame!
Cosy H&M house socks from Digi K.
Digi K. had a home-party at a friend's house during NYE
We ate too much of these. Burp....
A glittery New Year...pulled some silver lurex from the closet
Big big Digitalistas brainstorm in lunchroom Sugarless
Digi E. tasted a smoothie, a cinnamon crepe and delicious muffins. Burp...
Digi K. tasted a tuna sandwich and a smoothie as well
Our new hotspot in Amsterdam
Try the sugarless smoothies with sugar.....
Thanks Marriott for the Turkey-to-Go for X-mas. Burp....
We had food for the whole week!
Poor turkey...
Find Digi E. this week in Grazia
Enjoy the weather this week....

See you next week!

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