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Digitalistic beauty: CLEAN


With celebrity followers like Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz and Courtney Cox, it’s only natural we’ve jumped on the CLEAN bandwagon as well.

Founded in 2003 as a perfume line, CLEAN now offers a fab range of products for body and hair, from deodorant to shower gels. Made from fresh, pure, quality ingredients, the best thing about these products is their wonderful smells inspired by simple treats.

If the scents of fresh laundry, warm cotton or classic soap make you swoon, CLEAN products are sure to impress. We’re fans of the Cotton T-Shirt perfume which is cool and crisp, just like – you guessed it – freshly laundered linen.

For ladies on-the-go, try the CLEAN Dry Shampoo; just a few sprays on your locks between washes and your hair will look (and feel) totally refreshed. Best of all, it’s made without parabens, sulfates or triclosan. Love this!

Get back to basics: this line is pure, good old fashioned clean. Available at Sephora and Douglas.

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