A digitalistic getaway: Go Glamping!

We don’t have that much great experiences with camping. Just because we don’t like the bugs in our sleeping bag, the sun that burns you out of the tent in the morning (not great after an evening of partying..) or the cold (if you’re not lucky) and the fact we don’t believe people sleep in a tent for pleasure.

We’ve found the solution for spoiled girls like us: glamping. A glamorous way to go camping. The Whitepod Hotel in the Swiss Alps is the perfect getaway for us. Yes, it’s camping with a tent. But note: not just a tent. It’s a space with a warm bed (very important), a fireplace (romantic) and even a bathroom (hell no we’ll walk to the bathroom area with toilet paper under our arms).

Find 15 pods in here all with 3 private ski lifts which you can use 24 hours a day. We know what to do in the winter sport season.


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