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Maybelline’s 2012 calendar

January: futuristic DJ-ette Erin Wasson © Maybelline NY

The new Maybelline 2012 ‘feast-for-the-eye’ calendar is out! Unfortunately very limited and almost impossible to acquire, but thanks to the worldwide web we can have access to the fantastic pictures that each represent a month in the year to come. A colour-explosion ofcourse, because it displays the brand’s make-up trends, but it also contains a fashionable and artistic vibe.

Check out the pictures…..

Which is your favourite? The ultra glam newspaper-seller, weather girl, jewellery shopkeeper, Manhattan window-washer, garage mechanic, Chinese food delivery girl, traffic controller, mad scientist, train conductor, president’s candidate or veterinarian?

February © Maybelline NY
March. © Maybelline NY
April. © Maybelline NY
May. © Maybelline NY
June. © Maybelline NY
July. © Maybelline NY
August. © Maybelline NY
September. © Maybelline NY
October. © Maybelline NY
November. © Maybelline NY
December. © Maybelline NY

Take a peak behind the scenes with this video:

Models: Erin Wasson, Emily Didonato, Shu Pei Qi, Lisalla Montenegro, Charlotte Kemp Muhl, Jessica White and Julia Stegner. Styling: Patricia Field. Make up by: Charlotte Willier.

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