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Luna the fashion blogger kitty. FUR real!


We have a thing for weird cats. Just like Maru a few weeks ago. Now we’ve found our new addiction. Meet Luna, the fashion blogger cat who posts more outfit pics then Elin Kling does. She even has a pink bikini. Yes, it’s FUR real!

Luna started blogging after her fans at Catster – website about cats, yes we know: that furry thing has fans! – loved her and said she should really do something with her fabulous wardrobe. Now you can find her crazy outfits every week on Catster.


What she really loves to wear? “Good question, I do like to have fun with my clothes and I dress depends on my mood you know? Girly, glam, retro, preppy, over the top, classic, etc. I’m pretty much a chameleon! But never EVER a tomboy!” If she ever ever wants to have her own clothing line? Fur generations dogs have dominate the furchild fashion and I think fashion shouldn’t be discriminatory, every time I see a cute dress that say TEAM WOOF, I get sooo annoys! Fur sure I have think on my own clothing line but will be fur everyone, discrimination is not my thing.” If she has to say it, we see her in a few years wearing the ‘furst’ Jeremy Scott, Prada and Chanel furchild collection…  (Interview with Fashionista)

Yes, that cat also made some video’s, check them out below.


  1. Seamus december 5, 2011

    That’s my GF..I’m so proud of you. You’re a BIG star now. Don’t forget about me…..Seamus

  2. Val december 5, 2011

    Luna has cat lovers around the world acting silly with her antics; fashion; kitty rescue work; diva attitude and her all around adorable-ness! And from what I can tell, her “assistant” ( mom ) is equally wonderful. You have to have a wonderful day if you start it off with this little lady! Join us!

  3. Savanah Garrison december 5, 2011

    I hadn’t seen the pieces of Luna’s life video. I LOVE IT!!!

  4. Jeanie december 5, 2011

    Luna is one beautiful kitty!!!

  5. kelly g december 5, 2011

    Luna is Furrbulous!!

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