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Digitalicious: home made carrot pie with mascarpone vanilla topping

Carrot pie

Did you know that carrots were used as a supplement for sugar in the Middle Ages because sugar was to expensive? Digitalista E. got inspired and made this delicious pie for X-mas. Find out her recipe in here.

What do you need?
4 eggs
350 grams of caster sugar
200 millilitre olive oil
250 grams self-rising baking powder
1 tea spoon of cinnamon
200 grams of rasped carrot
75 grams of raisins
100 grams of chopped walnuts (or other nuts)

For the filling:

250 grams of mascarpone
50 grams of icing sugar
2 bags of vanilla sugar

The rest:
A round springform cake pan of 24 cm
An oven, 150 degrees

Homemade carrot pie with mascarpone vanilla topping

What to do?

Mix the eggs, sugar and oil. Add the flour and cinnamon and stir until you get a smooth paste. Add the carrot, raisins and the nuts, but keep a few walnuts aside for the topping. Put the paste into the springform cake pan and bake it in 50 minutes. Cool down the pie.

Mix the mascarpone with the icing sugar and the vanilla sugar.

Finishing the pie
Cover the cake with the vanilla topping and finish it with a few nuts on top of it.

Enjoy your home made carrot pie!

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