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Digi K’s living la vida loca III

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The holidays are coming up, which means it’s a bit more quiet than usual. Aside from an interview with Kelly Cutrone, some store-openings, a chocolate tasting, a magazine launch and some pre-Xmas dinners and drinks, we’re slowly preparing for the year to come… Exciting things are coming up. For now have a look at my vida (not so loca this time…) from the past weeks.

Interviewing Kelly Cutrone

Cirque Excentrique party; it's every first Saturday of the month with a different theme. This one had something to do with clowns...
With my sweet friend P. (nickname Poulette) at that same Cirque Excentrique party. Nothing 'clownish' about us though...

Friends and fellow fashionistas F. and D. at Levi's store opening

Chocolate is the best therapy! @ Chocolate Company
The 'veggie' beetroot starter at an X-Mas dinner with old colleagues

We also all bought each other gifts, and this was what I received. It's always good if it's related to food!
Invite for launch PARK magazine
With Digi E at the launch of PARK magazine
X-mas drinks and bites @ Louis Maximilian concept store
....some of the bites up close...(scallops and tuna tataki) yummmm!
Some nice X-mas gifts @ Louis Maximilian concept store
My new addiction: red velvet cake. But no worries, I shared this huge piece with my dad :-)

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