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Adventures in the fast and fabulous fashion life through the lens of Digi E

It's me, Digi E.

Take a peak in my life every once in a while…

Press day Property of.. Really cool leather brand in the Nine Streets area
Love those bags
They also sell colorful travel books
Hm... where to go next year?!?
I'm a real coffee lover. This is heaven to me!
Say cheese
Hip hip hooray: Karl for Metro
My breakfast every day
Dinner for 4 with friends R. and C. And they cooked a lovely Moroccan dish!
Coffee break 1...
Coffee and chocolat break 2 with friend K.
Lovely F. and me. Picture made by
Went with Mr. Big to little village Marken
Our company
I'll have a Campari cocktailparty soon!
Dinner at Witteveen with pr lady F., Digi K., journalist K. and blogger L.
Wine nr. 1 and 2
Wine nr. 3.
Great plans for next year!
Went with Digi K. to a travel fair
Discussing all the countries we want to visit...
Vitamines for the day
Chocolat with Digi K.

Cozy bloggers dinner at The Thanks S. L. and E.!
Cozy bloggers dinner at The Thanks S. L. and E.!
We ate Dutch delites

Almost X-mas
Lots of plans for 2012....

I’m saying my pr job goodbye (bye bye!!). Going to freelance and spend more time on The Lots of great plans for 2012 starting with a freshly new look and lots of new features. Really scary but I just have to try it, right? Wish me luck!

P.s. That also means I’ll publish more diaries a month. Dear God, how fun is that?

* First and last picture made by Antonio Granata

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  1. marcia december 2, 2011

    heel veel succes toegewenst. xxx marcia

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