Bianca Balti is L’Oréal Paris’ new face


The Italian beauty with the cat eyes and lucious lips joins L’Oréal Paris‘ dream team. Because she’s worth it. Starting her career with a cover of l’Officiel shot by Alexi Lubimorski, many editorials and campaigns followed.

Bianca also has already several cosmetic campaigns to her name like Dior and Revlon, but that’s nothing compared to being a part of the world’s most renowned beauty brand featuring stars and topmodels. Already practicing for her role as a spokesperson she says: “It’s an honor to wear the colours of this worldwide brand. As much as it is an exciting project to be part of an incredible dreamteam of celebrities, it is also a responsibility to convince the women of this planet that ‘they are worth it'”. Congrats Bianca!

(Source: Vogue Paris)

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